The Bone…is it the Unknown??

 How bones and implants need each other

Without bone there can be no implants.  Without implants there can be no replacement teeth.  And so…bone is “what it is all about”.

What 3-D imaging  benefits for bone regeneration

A major part of our practice evolves around bone regeneration.  Not only is it essential to develop bone in order to have stable implants; but also to have implants placed in ideal positions for the restorative treatment (the crowns).  So how do I determine the amount of bone that needs to be grafted and which technique would be most appropriate for the specific type of bone loss?  The determination is made after a thorough review and analysis of a 3-D Cone Beam Scan.  We have been using the 3-D scanner for six years.  Prior to the 3-D scans, we utilized   2-D imaging which enabled us to get a very good “approximation” of the bone quantity.  With 3-D imaging we can get an exact measurement of not only the bone quantity but also the bone quality.  This in turn enables me to plan out the exact type of bone grafting procedure that will be necessary.

An example of the 3-D view is noted here.  As you can see from the image, the implant is placed in the direct middle of the bone.  It is extremely easy to evaluate both the thickness and the quality of the bone.

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The above approach also answers the two following questions; how long will this treatment take and how much will the bone grafting part of treatment cost.  The 3-D scanner has changed our approach to treatment radically; there is no more estimating , only precision planning. If you require dental implants then I can assure you that you are extremely likely to be in need of bone grafting (regeneration).

If you have any questions or would like to be scheduled

Call our office, and we will schedule you for a 3-D cone beam scan and advise you precisely about your specific bone grafting needs in order to have the very best foundation for your dental implants.  We look forward to answering any questions you may have and remember – the bone is no longer an unknown!

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