The Myth of Having Permanent (Final) Caps Placed Onto Your Implants All On the Same Day


Without Adequate Bone it is Impossible

There has been much promotion recently in the South Florida area about having implants placed into your jaw bone and on the same day the placement of teeth onto the implants. If you have an adequate amount of bone present to initially stabilize the implants then it is always possible to place TEMPORARY CROWNS onto your implants on the same day that your teeth are extracted and implants placed. It there is inadequate bone to stabilize the implants initially then it is impossible to have the temporary caps placed onto the implants all on the same day as the implant stabilization would be too minimal.

It should be known that if there is adequate bone to stabilize the implants and hence crowns can be placed onto the implants on the same day that the crowns that are placed are TEMPORARY CROWNS.  These are not permanent crowns. It is true that after the implants have fused to the bone (usually about three to four months) then the temporary crowns, if placed on an immediate basis, are then ready to be changed to permanent crowns.

The Concept of Routine Same Day Treatment

There has been much discussion by different companies promoting the concept of having your teeth placed onto your implants all on the same day on a routine basis.  As I have mentioned to many of our patients we do the same type of treatment; that is, we remove your teeth, place dental implants, build your bone and place temporary crowns over the implants all together all on the same day; BUT only if you have adequate bone for initial stabilization of  the implants.  This is the most important key and crucial factor.

If you have any questions or would like to be scheduled for an evaluation

If you are interested in finding out if you are a candidate for temporary teeth placed onto implants on the same day that your own teeth are removed then certainly feel free to make an appointment to be evaluated thoroughly with the proper x-rays and scans.  We look forward to answering any questions you may have regarding the above and/or to see you in our office for an evaluation.

All of the above hopefully addresses the myth of having PERMANENT TEETH placed onto implants on the same day.  Buyers beware of false promises!

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